Welcome to Stanford Business Software's site for distribution of SOL/UCSD Optimization Software;a suite of packages for solving linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programs. The algorithms and software are produced by researchers Walter Murray and Michael Saunders at the Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL), Stanford University, and researcher Philip Gill at the Department of Mathematics, UC San Diego.

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MINOS is a software package for solving large-scale optimization problems (linear and non linear programs).

SNOPT is a general-purpose system for solving optimization problems involving many variables and constraints.

NPSOL is a set of Fortran 77 subroutines for minimizing a smooth function subject to constraints, which may include simple bounds on the variables, linear constraints and smooth nonlinear constraints.

QPOPT is a set of subroutines for solving the quadratic programming problem: minimize a quadratic objective function subject to a set of linear constraints and bounds.



DNOPT is a general-purpose system for constrained optimization. It minimizes a linear or nonlinear function subject to bounds on the variables and general linear or nonlinear constraints.

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