SNOPT (invented by Philip Gill, Walter Murray and Michael Saunders) is a software package for solving large-scale optimization problems (linear and nonlinear programs). It is especially effective for nonlinear problems whose functions and gradients are expensive to evaluate. The functions should be smooth but need not be convex.

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Hardware / Software / Interface

SNOPT is implemented in Fortran 77 and distributed as source code. It is intended for any machine with a reasonable amount of memory and a Fortran compiler. It may be called from a driver program (typically in Fortran, C or MATLAB).  SNOPT may also be used as a stand-alone package, reading data in the MPS format used by commercial mathematical programming systems.

Key Benefits
Thread-safe (reentrant) portable code (Fortran 77). CUTE interface provided.
Numerically stable algorithms. Global Convergence.
Needs only first derivatives.
Optional data input from MPS files.
Warm start capability.
Elastic bounds on all constraints (for infeasible problems).

General-purpose linear programming and nonlinear programming. Sparse nonlinear equations and/or inequalities.
Engineering, Economics, Finance, Agricultural Economics.
Trajectory optimization, Optimal control, Robotics, Engineering design, Nonlinear networks, Trade models, Portfolio analysis, Spatial equilibrium.
SNOPT is a new nonlinear solver for the algebraic modeling systems GAMS and AMPL.
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Academic pricing is for Universities (or institutions that offer degrees for academic work).  The prices are one-time fees for a perpetual license to use the current version of SNOPT.  The usage of SNOPT is governed by a license agreement.  To obtain an license agreement and order SNOPT, Click here.


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